In a few words...

The world around us is filled with immense joy, the deepest sadness, utmost beauty and stories that can shake you to the core. And as we stumble through life's journey, should we keep running until we can run no more, or should we instead take a moment to reflect and see the beauty and emotions surrounding us. For me that is what Photography is; a moment in time where nothing else matters, only the scene in front of the lens.

I was born and raised in Sri Lanka; a small tropical island in the Indian ocean known for its tea, sunny beaches, near perfect weather, 2500 years of recorded history and 20 million people with extremely long surnames. I migrated to the US in 2005 and spent 5 years in St. Louis, Missouri and then made my way to sunny California. I now live in Santa Clara, California and work at Google as a Staff Software Engineer (although I rarely get to touch code these days :'( )

In the summer you will find me climbing rocks and boulders, in the winter I would be skiing down the slopes at breakneck speeds; but the common thread is that there would most likely be a camera near me. That being said I don't really have a specialization in my photography, and shoot anything that sparks my interest.

I have been very lucky in my photography as I have learnt a lot from the tutelage of Beau Rogers, Glenn Guy and Stephan Bollinger at the Arcanum. They have helped me better my technique and pick up a lot of skills and ideas in the landscape and portraiture genres and have also helped me find inspiration in the beauty of ordinary things, past memories of joy and sorrow, the night sky and the twinkle of the eye.

Apart from the images on this site, you can find the rest of my work on Flickr, Instagram and Google+. If you would like a print of any of those images feel free to reach out to me on any of those social networks or through email.


Sasakthi Abeysinghe


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Mesquite Dunes Sunrise - Death Valley, CA